Ghosts In My Bed

If you read my very first post then you would understand the premise of this blog and you’d know that I planned on sharing my favorite unsigned singer/songwriters from YouTube. Most of them, I stumbled across around 2009/2010, so many of them most likely have EPs or full albums out. I’m excited to share my first favorite, because she’s been my best kept secret for years.

This gem goes by the name Ariel Sabaj and she is a lyrical god, I swear. The way she string words togethers so eloquently creates sentences that can move you a mile. If you are one of those people who are passionate about more than just the beat of a song then you will love her. Her voice is soft and gentle, so her music is perfect to listen to when you’re trying to study or have just had a long day.

Personally, I really enjoy raw acoustics accompanied by a mellow voice and soulful lyrics, so if you do to then this is right up your alley. Regardless, I think that everyone can relate to the lyrics in some way because all her songs have so much meaning behind them.

One of my favorites lyrically is titled, Any Body and it’s simply about learning to love yourself. Take a look at these lyrics:

“It took me years to smile on my own
I was digging for love, I cut close to the bone
pined for the ones who would treat me like shit
I starved for the bones that hid under my skin
when I was younger I hated my nose
but now I think it’s pretty cute as far as noses go
when I was younger I hated my thighs
but now I can see, he can’t take his eyes off me”

Did that give you chills or what?

I don’t want to spoil too much and let you explore her music for yourself, but my forever favorite song of hers’ is Ghosts In My Bed. You’re lying if you say you’ve never longed for someone that is no longer yours because that is what this song is about. Ugh, it’s so real and sad and I just love it so much. Bless your ears by giving it a listen and I will post a snippet of the lyrics below as well so you can follow along.

“This voice in the back of my head goes through the things I wish you said
I know you meant well, you meant well but I wish you could have stayed
These mornings without you grab me by the hand and bring me down

I imagine conversations that I knew we would have had
I fight with myself when you would have been mad
When my head’s in the clouds, got no one to bring me down

I still make coffee for two
I still bake cupcakes for you
I can’t fill the other half of this bed
or the empty spaces you’ve left in my head, in my head

There are pictures of you that I don’t want to burn
They make my heart ache, I don’t fucking learn
I know you meant well, you meant well but I wish you could have stuck around
Bring me down, bring me down with you”

If you liked what you heard, then follow Ariel Sabaj on Bandcamp, Tumblr (she follows me!), and check out her YouTube videos.

Thank you for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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