The Beginning of Stay Hungry

For a while I’ve bounced around the idea of starting a specialty blog, but I never really knew what I would write about. I thought about becoming a beauty/fashion blogger, but I actually dressed like a homeless person during high school and didn’t learn about highlighting and contouring until about a year ago, so I figured that wasn’t my calling. I’ve had a personal tumblr for about 3-4 years now and I’m extremely active on it, but I mainly just re-blog sassy, unrequited love, teenage angst, growing up pains, thought-provoking abstract kind of pictures, gifs, text posts, and quotes. (If you’re interested you can check it out here.

At the beginning of this year, my older sister and I really got motivated to each create a life for ourselves where we were whole-heartedly doing something that we loved. Since I was young I’ve always had dreams of owning my own clothing line because the idea of seeing someone wearing something I created excites me. My mom used to sign me up for numerous drawing and sewing classes where I would make skirts, dresses and several clothing pieces for dolls. I spend my days drawing up designs, cutting and pasting them onto cardboard and playing around with different outfit combinations. In the 6th grade I had my taste of entrepreneurship when I began making and selling candy wrapper bracelets. I honestly have no idea when it started but I used to collect candy wrappers and before I knew it I had a huge jar full. (This definitely explains why I had several cavities growing up and a root canal at age 16 haha). One day I got the idea to sew the wrappers together and make them into bracelets that were lined with foil to keep them together yet still flexible (I guess I wasn’t aware of something called fabric..??), but they even had Velcro to connect the two ends. Being the lil’ hustler that I was I started selling them to my friends at school and thus my business was born. I think I sold each bracelet for 25 cents each and made around like $60 during my few weeks operating. Eventually I got extremely overwhelmed and the hype fizzled out so I just went with the flow and dove into my next endeavor.

I can’t exactly pinpoint when music truly became a big part of my life but it was definitely around 7th/8th grade. Growing up I was totally a Now That’s What I Call Music! cd collector, so I was familiar with all the classic songs that used to be on them. I think I stopped collecting them after Now 20 so it’s crazy to think that they have as many as 80 now. Other than that the first two artist albums I physically owned where Fall Out Boy’s, From Under the Cork Tree which was pure gold and JoJo’s debut album, JoJo. MySpace music was the vaccum that sucked me into the beautiful realm of unsigned/independent artists. Looking back I was the creepiest girl ever because I used to stalk random peoples profiles who were friends of friends of friends to find new music, but it was so worth it because I found a plethora of hidden gems. Once I moved onto high school and MySpace was no longer relevant I began using Itunes a lot and experiencing the beauty of full studio recorded albums. Finally the singer/songwriters of YouTube blessed my soul, I was so amazed and jealous of their ability to be such lyrical geniuses. It all started when I would look up covers of my favorite songs and cry at how flawlessly they portrayed them, which is what sparked my desire to learn how to play guitar. I wanted to be able to take a song, make it my own and feel it flow through me. For my 16th birthday instead of getting a car I got a guitar (thanks mom) and I tried to teach myself how to play it through YouTube videos and Google searches. Unfortunately I didn’t make much progress and ended up taking lessons during my senior year, but during that time frame I focused on songwriting. I chuckle as I’m writing this because I wouldn’t say any of them were Grammy worthy.. at all. I’ve written maybe close to 50 but I can’t say they’re all complete and they were mostly written about boys that are completely irrelevant to my life now, so they are actually extremely comical to read now. Once I became a decent guitar player I recorded one of the songs that I wrote that I’m actually really proud of lyrically. I posted the video on the YouTube along with a few covers but they’re private now. So yes, I did once have an aspiration to become a singer/songwriter musician that released EP’s and played gigs in small coffee shops and pubs around the U.S.

Continuing along the lines of writing, I have 4 or 5 composition notebooks full of all my thoughts, desires, aspirations, stories, drawn pictures, favorite quotes and lyrics from 2006 to 2010. In the last few years I’ve only written in them a few times, but I wrote in them religiously during those 4 years. During my junior year, I read Chelsea Handler’s book, Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea and I was constantly bursting into laughter. I admired how she was able to so vividly rehash these hilarious moments that happened in her life. One of my really good friends, Alexis and I got the idea to write a book of our own. We would spend all class period telling each other ridiculously embarrassing stories involving guys we fancied but we would end up dying of laughter. Our classmates around us seemed to really enjoy the stories as well so that’s where we got the idea to write the book about our very own cringe worthy life events. Example: Once during a passing period in high school I was trapped in a situation with a senior guy that I thought was so cute. Being an awkward tiny sophomore, I was not prepared to communicate with him and tried really hard to get away but as I did my friend yanked me and as I flung back the feminine pad that I was harboring fell out from under my jacket. Instantly I dropped to the floor, grabbed it and Usain Bolt-ed to the nearest bathroom and I’m 100% positive he saw the whole thing. So. Embarassing, but so hilarious. The title of the book was to be The Only Number We’re Taking is 1: Stories of Failed Attempts at Relationships and the way we planned it out was that I would write one chapter and then she would write another and so on. I want to say we wrote maybe 8 chapters, but unfortunately it was never finished or read by anyone.

Bringing back the talk of YouTube, besides watching/listening to covers and original songs I would occasionally stumble upon short films. There was this one in particular I watched when it first came out that moved mountains in me called, To Claire; From Sonny. It was so sad and stunning, not to mention shocking. (If you haven’t seen it you can watch it here, I surely recommend it!). I knew I couldn’t create a video to that extent due to lack of resources, but I knew I wanted to create something that flowed and visually told some sort of story. I thought about my passion for music and figured out a way I could intertwine the two and that’s how I came up with the idea of making stop motions. The first two I ever made were in 2009 and I remember it so well. It was thanksgiving break, Kanye West’s 808’s and Heartbreaks had just come out and I had this projection in my head of moving words so I got my camera, unloaded my craft supplies and went to work. The quality wasn’t the best so I never made any more until my junior year which was when I got a Nikon d600. Like a fire ant bite to the big toe in the summer I developed an itch for photography and brought my camera with me everywhere. My super good friend, Courtney and I would have sleepovers at each other’s houses constantly and instead of having naked pillow fights (haha just kidding) we would have crazy weird ass photo shoots. In addition, all my classmates wanted me to take pictures of them as well, I swear I got invited to some birthday parties just because of my camera. It’s sickening how many pictures I have on my external hard drive but it’s certainly nice for the days I’m nostalgic for high school.. which is never. When senior year rolled around everyone and their mother jumped on the DSLR camera bandwagon and got the title photographer stamped on their forehead. People would take a pretty picture and call it photography which turned me off to it all. The only time I use my DSLR now is when I’m making stop motions. It’s something I do whenever I’m feeling inspired and have free time. I would definitely consider it as one of my hobbies because it helps me get my mind off things and I’m always really excited to share the finished product. I have a YouTube channel where I post them if you would like to check them out you can click here.

As you can see, throughout the years I’ve put my hands in quite a few different pots. I don’t necessarily consider any of my ambitions as complete fails because as you grow up you’re supposed to figure out what you like, what you don’t, what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. I thoroughly found joy in all those things I tried but it was clear that I wasn’t meant to make a career out of them all. But from allowing myself to be inspired and experiment with all these different crafts I was able to grow as a person and stay curious.  That’s where the title of this blog, “Stay Hungry” comes into play. In this life everything around us are constantly changing without our control so the only thing we can do to not get left behind is to expand with it. Within this blog, I want to share with the world things that I will come across that spark a light in me whether it be artists/songs I discover, moving articles I read, independent films I watch, people I cross paths with, or poems/quotes/stories I find in hopes that they inspire you too. I also plan on sharing the YouTube musicians that are responsible for my songwriting, songs/albums that saved my life, lyrics/poems I’ve wrote, videos I’ve created, pictures I’ve taken and even my insight on thought-provoking topics. I hope that anything you experience from this blog ignites even the tiniest flame within you that helps keep you feeling alive.

Thank you for reading and stay hungry to learn, to create, and to grow!

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