The Importance of Having Your Own “Happy Place”

Everybody has days that feels like the whole world is against you. The best way to escape it for a bit is to have a place where you can let everything go with no judgement. It can be a quiet corner in a library or coffee shop, a rooftop overlooking your city, or even the solitude of the shower or bathtub. Sure those all sound super cliche, but it all comes down to what works for you.

In addition, your “happy place” doesn’t have to be geographic location, it can be an action such as getting lost in a book, going for a jog, or baking yummy treats. All that matters is that it is a place or state where you feel 100% yourself.

Personally and unoriginally, that place for me is my bedroom and I take a lot of pride in having the space showcase my personality and things that I enjoy. It makes me so happy when people see my room for the first time and they express how cool they think it is. The main attraction is my Moonbeam tapestry from Urban Outfitters. It was expensive but worth it, because it makes any wall a sight for the eyes.

When I’m in my room I feel like no one in the world can touch me, like no one can take anything away from me. It’s the hub where I’m constantly finding inspiration and brainstorming all my crazy ideas. My roommates constantly ask me if I’m okay because sometimes I hibernate in there for 3 days straight no lie. I’m not an anti-social person but I definitely have days when I rather spend time alone. Plus, it’s good for the soul to know how to be comfortably alone.

My room is a place where I can allow myself to be completely vulnerable, reflect on current situations and cry till my eyes are swollen if I want. I also feel this way about my bedroom at home, which is why I brought sentimental items from there with me to college. If you don’t already have your own sanctuary, I challenge you to find a place anywhere in the world where you can feel untouchable.

Here are a few pictures of my room at college, maybe you can see why I never want to leave it!

Thank you for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!
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