3 Things You Need to Hear

The best advice you can ever receive will be from people who have already been through the stages in life that you will eventually reach. Whether it be about life in general, relationships, career paths, or education, learning from the mistakes of others plays a significant role in a lot of the choices that I make.

It’s apparent that when a majority of people look back on their lives they regret things that they did and more importantly what they didn’t do. In recent months, I’ve noticed a trend in the words of wisdom that I have been told, so I’m going to share with you the top 3 most re-occuring.

1. Establish yourself first and let relationships come second.

A few months ago, I was talking to this lady in her 50’s at the airport about how she wishes she had spent more time finding herself and choosing a career that allowed growth rather than chasing men. Her theory was that once you’ve become comfortable in who you are without someone else and have worked your way up to a stable, well paid position then the relationships you attract are going to be way more worth your time and effort.

As an example, she spoke about her 30 year old unmarried female friend who is an established doctor in Boston. She continued to explain how much time she had spent building herself and how now the men that present themselves to her are on the same wavelength as her.

This can obviously be apply to platonic relationships as well, but I completely understood what she meant, because I know plenty of people in their early 20’s who verbalize how much of themselves they’ve lost in draining relationships, because neither party knew what they wanted.

2. Always ask questions and read read read.

One of my dear friend’s mom told me that, “the nail that squeaks, is the one that gets oiled.” If you are bad at analyzing quotes it means that the person that is the most persistent is the one that gets recognized. A lot of people don’t ask questions because they fear appearing less intelligent, or think they are going to upset whomever for not getting their point the first time.

I definitely used to think this way, but I’ve seen how beneficial it can be if you’re asking the right questions. For example, if you meet someone whose doing something you’re interested in it’s okay to ask them how they got to where they are and things about the profession that the general population wouldn’t know. You create connections with people when you find what makes them tick rather than just showing admiration.

Then when it comes to reading you should just find time to submerge yourself in articles and books about topics you enjoy. Especially books written by people who have found success in what you are passionate about.

3. Find what you are passionate about and become the best at it.

I firmly believe that you can make a solid career out of anything as long as you are passionate about it and work your ass off. In an interview I watched with Ryan Lewis, he states that it takes 10,000 hours until you have mastered a craft.

I used to continuously go back and forth between different aspirations I wanted to pursue, but I often found myself stepping back from one idea in attempt to fulfill another. By doing that I wasn’t improving on either craft because I wasn’t focusing my time and effort.

As a far fetched example, Samantha Hess makes a living being a professional cuddler by charging $60 an hour. Another cool example is Tim Kovar who is a professional tree climber and has a international tree climbing school where he teaches the art of tree climbing all around the world.

Lastly, I definitely encourage you to allow conversations with people while you’re queuing in line, idling at the airport, or waiting for an appointment and just listen to the stories people have to share. You never know when someone is going to tell you something you didn’t know you needed to hear.

Thank you for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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