Top 5 Instagrammers You Need to Follow

I don’t know about you, but Instagram is hands down my favorite out of all the social medias. I can spend hours on the explore page getting 47+ weeks deep in peoples’ profiles (yikes).

My favorite kind of profiles to scroll through are one’s that have a theme and post things like travels or a specific lifestyle. It’s nice to get lost in someone else’s world via pictures for a few minutes. With that said, here are some of my favorite Instagrammers.

Mimie Lashiry

From what I’ve gathered, Mimi is a model from Australia and I’m obsessed with her lifestyle. Who wouldn’t want to travel the world in fashionable clothing and have hip pictures taken of them constantly? Okay maybe not everyone, but I would. On her official site there are more photos of her adventures, which have a killer aesthetic.

She recently collaborated with Mink Pink to create a collection called, Mink Pink X Mimi Elashiry and she also became one of MTV’s It Girls, which is a fashion series that gives you the inside look of Mimi Elashiry, Alexandra Spencer and Kate Peck lives within the style world. It’s safe to say that this girl is kickin’ ass.

mimie lashiryinstagram feed


This girl’s real name is Hayley, but she has branded herself as Dayzea which I think is so clever. She’s a total youthful vagabond, so it’s super cool to be able to follow her wanderlust travels from state to state. Not to mention her badass dreads that she always styles so creatively.It’s refreshing to see someone in their early 20’s choosing not to get a higher education and passionately follow their heart.

Currently she’s in the process of fixing up an old van to travel in, which is something that’s on my bucket list. In addition, a few months ago she opened up an online store, called Nomad Heart where she sells thrifted clothing, jewelry, and homeware from consignment shops she finds while on the road. How badass! (Update: she now sells beautiful handmade jewelry pieces!)

instagram themedayzea

Kiana Michelle

If I remember correctly, I found this girl by looking at who someone else was following and I’m so glad I did. She goes to Pepperdine University, but has been abroad in Asia for quite a few months from what it seems.

The pictures of her travels are so marvelous, I shed a tear whenever one is posted. She’s got a killer sense of style and has a zest for life that is infectious, so this is the perfect feed to look at if you’re feeling down.

instagram themeinstagram


According to her Tumblr, her name’s Eileen and she isn’t a signed model. Recently, she took the semester off and by the looks of it I have no idea how she’s going to get herself to go back. One week she’s in Seattle then New York the next, who wouldn’t want to have no commitments?

(Update: She’s recently started a blog called under the name Killer and a Sweet Thang to educate the youth about all the things we don’t get educated on such as safe sex.)



The aesthetics of this girl’s instagram is killer, the cool undertones create such a calming vibe. It seems that she’s a student at FIDM so, I’m not surprised by how stylish and cool she seems.

instagram themeinstagram theme

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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