July // Music Playlist

Let’s be honest, this past month all I’ve been listening to Kehlani and if you haven’t heard of her, what have you been doing? It’s time to bless your poor ears.

She’s such a breath of fresh air with her sound and relatable/honest lyrics. Not to mention, the positive message she preaches to young girls to love themselves and be kind to others.

I got to see her in Houston on her You Should Be Here Tour and she was amazing. The way she connected with the crowd was so special and she dances while she sings so there’s so much energy. Also, she sounds exactly the same live, which is definitely rare for artists nowadays.

It’s hard to pick my favorite song of hers, so I recommend that you go listen to her YSBH mixtape on Soundcloud. Besides that, here are a bunch of other songs that I’ve loved in July for this months playlist.

The Afternoon – Blackbear
1st Position – Kehlani
4U – Blackbear
D.A.M. Dats All Me – Fetty Wap
Be Alright (Promnite Remix)
Grown Woman (PARTYNEXTDOOR COVER) – Lontalius
Rock The Boat – dkthepunisher
I Like – Tink
Far Alone (Remix) – G-Eazy
Landslide – Oh Wonder
Drippin’ In Gold – Hartry
Last Night – G-Eazy
Impression of You – Giraffage & Viceroy
Lost (Frank Ocean Cover) – Major Lazor ft. MO
torment – bobby raps & corbin

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Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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