Shooting a Concert at White Oak Music Hall

One of the many great things about photography is that there are so many different types out there for you to explore.

Just to name a few, there’s travel, portrait, landscape, medical, food, and forensic and it’s always exciting to see how each individual portrays a subject or scene.

Recently I was given the opportunity to photograph a Slightly Stoopid show at White Oak Music Hall in Houston. In addition, I got to shoot Zion I who had the crowd grooving while everyone waited for the headliner.

Typically when I attend concerts I refrain from trying to take photos so I can dance freely and enjoy the show. No one enjoys seeing concerts via Snapchat anyways, so it was cool seeing a different side of live performances.

As a result of some late night Tumblr binges, I’ve stumbled upon quite a few very interesting and cool photo sets that will open your mind to all the different ways you can tell a story.

The first one features stunning shots from the evening streets of Tokyo by Franck Bohbot. His work is so beautiful I almost cried the first time I saw his photos.

I would definitely recommend to go marvel at the rest of his work on his site!

This next one by Bob Walden given the name, ‘Negligence Photography‘ is not for the weak. As a legal photographer, he documented accident injuries for plaintiff negligence cases for over 20 years.

Each graphic image powerfully depicts real life situations that are happening all around us. I appreciate how people are able to find the beauty in the most raw forms.

Truly inspiring!

Zion I!

Slightly Stoopid!

Let me know what your favorite kind of photography is in the comments.

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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