Behind the Scenes of a Magazine Beauty Shoot

If you remember, last Spring I shot and edited a behind the scenes video for Revival Magazine’s accessories shoot for their Spring 2016 issue.

Just so you don’t miss you, Revival Magazine is a student run publication that features fashion, beauty and lifestyle. You can read the Spring 2016 issue here!

I love being a part of a collaborative project and getting to watch it from start to finish.

It’s like watching a baby grow and then letting it go off into the world to be picked apart and evaluated.

Just kidding, but not really…

Moving along, today I’m bringing to you another behind the scenes video but this time for Revival’s Fall 2016 issue.

This particular shoot was for their beauty section and it included gel lights and lots of glitter.

Everybody loves glitter!

I’ve seen YouTube videos featuring the Pat McGrath Lust collection, but they are definintely something else in person.

The colors are so pigmented and with the glitter glistening and sparkling in the light that anyone would break their necks just to catch a peek.

With the right outfit, I feel like anyone could pull stunning shades these off.

You should probably know how to apply lipstick as well or know someone who does since there is always potential for disaster when it comes to cosmetics.

Need a reminder? Just look at photos of you and your friends from middle school.. yikes!

Also, I can’t imagine what it’s like to eat, drink and talk while the glitter is on your lips for an extended period of time but hey at least you look good.

Along with shooting video I was able to sneak a few photos and the shots are just a tip of the iceberg for the photos that will actually be used in the magazine.

I’ll be sure to add a link to the online copy once the issue comes out in December and gets published online.

Nothing wrong with a little suspense so the behind the scenes video and snapshots is all you get for now..

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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