Street Style, Girl’s Night Out, Cocktail Party // YouStyle Challenge #1

Everyone loves a good reason to get all dressed up whether it be a first date, class presentation, or classy event.

The dreadfulness kicks in when you realize you have no idea what to wear and Yahoo! Answers just isn’t pulling through.

That’s the problem this new series, Keppford’s YouStyle Challenge, is here to solve.

Every post in this series will feature a new fashionista that I challenge to style 3 different looks for an event, theme or trend chosen at random.

Get ready, this is going to be fun!

Our first challenger is my longtime friend, Courtney and she describes her style as very spontaneous, one day she’ll be edgy and boho the next.

A few of her favorite brands include Free People, Urban Outfitters and Topshop and being a recent grad in Fashion Merchandising student from Texas Tech, she’s definitely feeling the post-grad wallet but that doesn’t stop her from hoarding ball caps.

This is the perfect life hack for avoiding everyone, especially when you add sunglasses.

Her three picks for this challenge were Street Style, Girl’s Night Out and Cocktail Party.

We had a blast driving around Houston to find cool locations to shoot these pictures. The spots we found were in the hip and popping Montrose area.

I recommend to play around in Montrose if you ever choose to visit Houston, there are tons of unique places to shop like Pavement which is a store that sells new and used clothing in addition to shoes and accessories.

Bringing things to a close, this is a reminder to come back to this post next time you’re debating what you should wear to one of these events or are just in need of some major style inspiration.

Be sure to let me (and Courtney) know which outfit you like best in the comments!

Girl’s Night Out

Street Style

Cocktail Party

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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