How the 90’s Can Inspire Your Style

At the beginning of my final year as an undergraduate I realized that this would most likely (hopefully) be the last time I’ll be living in Iowa.

Not to shit on the state as a whole, but in Ames there’s not much going on in my opinion. Especially moving from a big and booming city like Houston.

Let me hear it one time for H-town!

In comparison to going to school in Austin during my freshman year, I will say that going to college in a relatively small town was nice for many reasons.

I felt safe while walking to the grocery store or the public library and a majority of the people I crossed paths with while out on the town were in school just like me.

Going to 6th street in Austin brings in many different crowds and ages from all over so you never know who you’re going to rub shoulders with.

This can be both terrifying and exciting, depends on how you like to live your life.

I won’t judge you guurlll.

Anyways, as my final semester swiftly approaches, I’m on a mission to preserve my time at Iowa State in my photographs.

I’m obsessed with places that haven’t changed with the times so when I further explored the bowling alley in the Memorial Union, I was flooded with all the memories that could have been made there.

When I saw the outdated interior, lanes and arcade games I imagined an innocent and curious student spending time there to go through their thoughts.

The outfits worn by Mallory for the shoot were pulled from her and I’s personal closets and styled by yours truly. As a true 90’s kid, Rugrats and all so I knew want I was going for.

The moodboard created for the shoot was obviously heavily inspired by the good ole’ days as you can see with the denim, cool tones and 90’s inspired style.

Mallory killed it during the shoot and the final photos accurately depict the theme, so I’m really stoked to share them with you.


Styled by Keppford
Modeled by Mallory Schatz

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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