Minnesota Snapshots (Minneapolis)

As a firm believer in maximizing your opportunities, I made it my mission to travel to as many places in the Midwest while I’m here for the next 3 months.

It’s finally getting warmer outside, so I’ve got no excuses.

My recent travel includes another weekend trip, but this time to city of Minneapolis with my boyfriend.

Being there reminded me of living in Houston, because there was so much to do and the city was so spread out that you need a car to get anywhere efficiently.

We stayed in an adorable and artsy renovated home from the 1900’s. Our hosts were also art curators and have lived in LA, Boston and now Minneapolis, so it’s no wonder the space was so eclectic.

The neighborhood was lively with colorful street art on numerous walls and peoples fences, it made the city feel so welcoming.

On Saturday, we spend our morning and a bit of the afternoon roaming around the Mall of America and it was so overwhelming how enormous that place is.

There’s basically an amusement park in the middle which is something I’ve never seen before.

For lunch, one of my friends suggested Tiger Sushi, which was conveniently in the mall.

I got my personal favorite appetizer vegetable tempura and my boyfriend and I shared the winter roll. We both agree it was so good!

On the inside the roll has tuna, salmon & yellowtail, avocado, spicy garlic mayo and Masago, then on the inside there’s crispy tempura flakes and sesame seeds drizzled with creamy, spicy “Miracle” sauce.

10/10 would definitely recommend if you’re a sushi enthusiast.

We spent the rest of our time at the mall experiencing the different attractions and our favorite one was the virtual reality games at SMAAASH.

The extreme drone racing experience was insane, because it legitimately felt like we were hovering in a dystopia world racing on these tracks floating in mid air.

They had other scenarios such as a haunted hosptial, vertigo, and a finger coaster where you can draw your desired path of the coaster.

Honestly, I don’t know how people play virtual reality games in their own homes, because that shit is trippy.

On Sunday, we kept things chill and spent some time at the Walker Art Center.

They have a really fascinating exhibit on display highlighting dance, movement, stillness, and how it all plays out with the human body.

The coolest part was tiny walkway in the middle of a room that had a green LED light guiding you through.

Since it was Easter Sunday, a lot of places had shortened hours so our trip ended with us enjoying the sunny weather outside at Minnehaha Park.

Nothing’s better than being greeted on the drive back home with a stunning sunset.

Let me know what your favorite place to getaway for the weekend is in the comments, I’d love to find new spots to check out.

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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