Missouri Snapshots (Kansas City)

When’s the last time you spontaneously went away for the weekend?

If you can’t remember then it’s been far too long. Time for you to take a break and see a new place like I recently did.

On Thursday of last week, my boyfriend and I booked an Air Bnb, packed a backpack each, and by 5 A.M. on Friday had hit the road to Kansas City, Missouri.

We wanted to make it on time for check-in at 9 A.M and were eager to make the most out of our time.

Being originally from the South, I’m naturally unimpressed by the Midwest, but Kansas City was quite a wonderful city.

We stayed in a room of this super artistic home located right in Hyde Park which is the heart of the Historic District.

The space had an eclectic vibe and was filled with amazing art pieces, travel books and trinkets, and bright wall art.

Our hosts were kind, accommodating, and made us feel right at home.

To their recommendation, we started our day at The Corner Cafe, which must be a popular spot because it was packed.

The place was filled with freshly baked desserts, retro decorations and had a classic cafe menu.

We ended our meal with a giant cinnamon roll for less than $4!

On the same day we explored the Country Club Plaza which was an outdoor shopping center and had tons of amazing stores.

The atmosphere was very mediterranean with stucco exterior and stoned pavements.

In addition, we roamed around the Crossroads Arts District and that was definitely one of my favorite areas.

There were alleyways plastered with colorful graffiti and the cutest locally-owned stores.

Luck was on our side because we stumbled into the one year anniversary pop-up for a local clothing store and got free cake!

The following day we walked around Downtown Kansas City and admired more beautiful graffiti. Since it was Sunday, the whole area was desolate which I enjoyed a lot.

Our trip ended with a stroll through the City Market that featured a lot of fresh and well-priced produce from individual sellers.

There were also tons of tiny restaurants serving authentic Italian, BBQ, Indian, Vietnamese, and Cajun dishes and desserts.

After that we made one last stop because no road trip is complete without a Coke Icee and then we were on our way back to reality.

Honestly I really enjoyed Kansas City and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys exploring new places.

There’s so much to do there and I wasn’t expecting there to be such a huge art scene which I really appreciated.

Have you ever visited a city that was nothing like you expected? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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