Too Much by Rendezvous at Two (Lyrics Video)

Along with photography, one of my other interest include motion graphics and animations. There’s nothing more satisfying than coming up with a video idea in your head then slowly watch it come to life before your eyes.

While I’m not expert, I’ve been doing little projects to enhance my skills. If you go back to the first videos on my YouTube channel then you would see that my first videos are all stop motion lyric videos.

The good old days when I used a Canon Powershot and hand drew and cut out every word for each lyric video. Talk about dedication, it would take me all day to do one and most of the time I would only do the first verse and chorus of the song.

My favorites are definitely the ones I did for Sunday by Earl Sweatshirt and Pay for You by Skizzy Mars.

Now we’ve come full circle, because I’m back in the lyric video game except this time I’m doing it all digitally. I should start by letting you in on the process of how I went about creating this lyric video.

Most of my inspiration for any video typically comes from a song, so I’ll hear a song and then create this whole world around it. The song that sparked this video was Too Much by Rendezvous at Two.

They’re an up and coming duo from London and their music is so beautiful. I’ve been a fan of their music since I heard their song Missed Calls, so I’m always excited when they drop new songs. If you like Alina Baraz then you will love them, but Rendezvous at Two has a more R&B vibe.

Next was to to get permission to use the song so I reached out to them and they politely said yes, so now on to the planning.

My interpretation of the song is that it’s about a relationship between two people and their ups and downs that lead them to question if the relationship has run its course. I had to listen to the song on repeat a few times until I decided on cloud background with roses slowly falling along with each word falling as it’s sang.

I drew up some clouds and a rose then illustrated them in Adobe Illustrator, saved them as a PNG and added them to my After Effects project. The next steps was a long process that included typing up the lyrics, animating them, and the decision to do the space background for the chorus.

It probably took me about 5 days to finish since I worked on it a bit everyday. Once I was done, I let it sit for a bit and then re-visited it a few days later to make critiques.

My final edits came with the decision to add a stroke to the words and make each line a different color scheme to make it more exciting.

Overall, I’m pleasing with the finished product and want to know your thoughts! Let me know in the comments below. I’m exciting to keep creating different kind of motion graphic videos and see how more advanced I can make them.

Thanks for reading (and watching) and staying hungry to learn, create and grow!

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