Colorado Snapshots (Denver)

There’s a saying that goes “third time’s the charm” and it reigns true because my third trip to Denver was the best so far. Visiting the same city more than once is always a new experience.

You go with different people, stay in new places, see new places, try new things and meet new people.

This time in the city I went with my two friends from university and we stayed with their friend who graduated a few years earlier.

Since he’s been living in Denver for a little over a year, he knew the streets like the back of his hand and was an awesome host and guide.

This is the beautiful view from his balcony!

Our first morning there on Saturday was spent walking around the city trying to find a place with a brunch spot with an affordable bottomless mimosa deal. In the meantime, we saw different parts of the city and there were some spots I recognized which was cool.

Larimer Square was dazzled with string lights that I had to snap a shot of. There was also a really cute courtyard that leads you out onto the other side of the street.

We ended up at Thirsty Lion since they had a $5 mimosa deal for Saturday brunch and our friend has heard good reviews about their food.

I ordered the Farmer’s Hash and it was sooo good, highly recommend if you like breakfast scrambles. This dish is described as maple bacon, tomato, spicy Italian sausage, Yukon potatoes, peppers and onions topped with jack and cheddar cheeses, fried eggs and served with rustic bianco toast.

And of course the mimosa’s were good.. we each had three.

After brunch we saw more part of the city and I’m always a sucker for street murals, so I loved seeing different ones throughout Denver.

This was one of my favorites, because of the placement.

Apparently there was a game on (clearly don’t know much about sports), so we went to Society to take a peek and enjoy a beer.

After more exploring, we sobered up by scarfing down 3 orders for spinach and artichoke dip from Jack’s Uptown Grille.

Seriously if you’re a connoisseur of spinach and artichoke dip, definitely go try this one when you’re in Denver!

Later that night, we met up with a few of our friend’s friends from work at a bar where they get discounted drinks because they know the bartenders.

Inside the bar they have jumbo Jenga so you know shit goes down there. There’s an unofficial rule that whoever knocks the tower down has to buy everyone playing a shot.

Throughout the night we peeped into Milk & Honey which is a restaurant that turns into a high end bar at night with pricey drinks.

You always know the drinks are going to pricey if the bouncer is wearing a suit, but it’s definitely a nice place to check out if you enjoy classy social drinking.

Here’s a little video clip I got on my phone.

No night out is complete with getting some late night grub so we stopped by Two-Fisted Mario’s Pizza which is located in the LoDo district.

I remember stopping in there during my second visit to Denver, so it was nice to be back and the pepperoni pizza slice was bomb as usual.

The next morning we brunched again but this time we went back to Jack’s Uptown Grille, because they have a $12 unlimited bottomless mimosa deal, so be sure to check them out if you’re in Denver on a Sunday.

I ordered the Grand Jack’s Marnier Pancakes pancakes which were really good, you could for sure taste the Grand Marnier ever so slightly.

You can opt for normal maple syrup if that’s more your taste.

My friend ordered the Vanilla Bean Infused French Toast that was topped with candied walnuts and a ginger mango chutney.

After getting a yummy brunch, we drove into Boulder to do a bit of hiking.

The views were amazing as always, but the best hike I’ve ever gone on was during my first road trip through Colorado. I wish I could remember the name of the city, but it was in a town with a small population.

After the hike we treated ourselves to some Snarfburger which is a local spot for a classic good burger. Their menu also includes a BLT if you’re in the mood for a sandwich.

We ended up passing out once we got back from the hike and woke up just as the sun was setting.

Sadly, the following day was spend driving back to reality and away from breathtaking mountain views.

My third time to Denver really showed me how much Denver as a city has to offer. All the food we ate there was amazing and the nightlife makes for a great night if you hit up the right spots.

What is your favorite city to visit in Colorado? Let me know in the comments and maybe one day I’ll have to pay a visit.

Thanks for readying and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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