Western Summer Editorial

I knew I couldn’t leave Iowa without getting in one last summer editorial.

Most of my editorial inspirations spark from late night scrolls on Pinterest and I’ve always wanted to shoot a deserted in a small town style shoot.

A lot of research went into planning this one because I knew the locations had to be spot on.

Bless Google, because after a few searches I came across Forgotten Iowa which is a photo project by Cody Weber who is originally from Keokuk, Iowa and is on a quest to photograph all 945 towns in Iowa.

I remember spending hours just scrolling of the photo galleries from each town and then reaching for my phone to see how far these places were away from me.

Stumbling upon the photoset for Vincent, Iowa, I fell in love and fell even more in love when I say it was only about a hour away from Ames.

Since it was summer and most of the students were back home for the summer, it took longer than usual to find a model.

Literally two week before I was supposed to move out of town I managed to find and contact Bryannah who was conveniently in Ames for the summer.

The second most important part was getting the right clothing and I knew Random Goods in Ames would be the place.

Random Goods is a vintage shop that specializes in secondhand furniture, home goods, apparel and lots more.

They have a huge assortment of clothing from every decade you could think of. It’s definitely one of those stores you could spend hours in.

I was on the hunt for country/western inspired pieces so it was easy to look at items and quickly say yes or no.

Once everything was in place, I had to do a Google Earth search to make sure that the specific locations I was interested in were still there.

While I wish the weather would have been more cloudy than sunny, I’m still super pleased with how the photos came out.

Without further ado, here are the best shots from my Western Summer Editorial.

Look 1

Look 2

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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