Texas Snapshots (Galveston)

Everything really is bigger in Texas, so big that it takes 14 hours just to get out of the state.

I never really appreciated Texas until I left for college and wasn’t able to eat a loaded taquito from Whataburger.

There truly is so many amazing places to see in Texas such as Prada Marfa, Jacob’s Well and Cadillac Ranch. I’m determined to go on a road trip and photograph it all.

Gotta start small before I embark on a 7+ hour drive, so I’m on a mission to tackle cities less than 3 hours away from me and the first stop is Galveston, Texas.

Galveston holds lots of memories growing up because in high school a huge group of us would spend a day at the beach and there were tons of photos taken by yours truly.

Lots of people bash Galveston because the water not being the prettiest (which is true) but I never appreciated the beauty until now.

My mom and I decided to spend a few hours in Galveston and started off by seeing the beautiful Sacred Heart Church and driving down streets of historic Victorian houses.

They were so huge and beautiful with so much detail and there’s nothing I love more than a row of houses that don’t look the same.

Our mouths were watering for some fresh seafood so we drove along the coast to The Waterman Seafood Grill down by Jamaica Beach.

It was so peaceful to drive with the windows down and marvel at all the beautiful beach front properties.

Waterman’s Seafood Grill is labeled as a low-key place for amazing and fresh seafood and it was nothing short of that.

We enjoyed a nice plate of jumbo fried shrimp and fried pickles while looking at a beautiful view of the ocean.

On our way back we stopped by Tiki Island which is cute beach community, the houses here were amazing as well, but they didn’t have the Victorian flair.

It’s pretty amazing to see the kind of lives people build for themselves by hard work and dedication (or trust fund money).

In the future, I have to live somewhere with lots of palm trees because I can’t get enough of them.

The sun was setting as we headed back to our neck of the woods which was the dessert on top of our little day trip to Galveston.

What’s your favorite place to staycation in your city? Let me know in the comments and maybe one day I’ll pay a visit.

Thanks for reading and stay hungry to learn, create and grow!

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