Photoset Friday #2

Quite a few months ago, I debuted a new photoset series on Keppford.com where I show images from photo shoots that never get to see the light of day.

Today I’ve finally got the 2nd post in this series with a shoot I did back in January of this year. It was actually the last photo shoot I did before taking a few months to travel. It’s interesting to look at the photos now and remember just how much I loved how this photo shoot turned out.

I’ve had strip mall photo shoot inspiration on my Pinterest for a while so the Hong Kong City Mall was the perfect location. It’s a little outdated so it has a nice nostalgic aesthetic which is a photographers dream.

Without a stylist, pulling for a shoot can be a bit difficult but luckily I was able to pull some pieces from Top Vintage.

Lastly, I found the model, Alex, on Instagram and she was the perfect fit to tie everything together.

Here is the moodboard:

Here is the photos:

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